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In-flight Magazines

In all our efforts to bring your brand to the center of the consumer’s attention, we prioritize the cost factor customized to your budgetary capabilities!

Yes, there are a gazillion number of advertising media out there that might bring your brand to the fore front of human sight, and we do boast of our presence in servicing such media, however, there is no media that can compare to the cost effectiveness of In-Flight Magazines. In-flight magazines have always been the primary source of entertainment in the skies, until the advent of In-flight Entertainment systems.

However, reading is something every flyer tends to do, regardless of how digitalized the means of entertainment might have become in this age and time.
In-flight Magazines are a proven method to target the frequent flyer/business traveller market – high-earners decision-makers and opinion leaders. Distributed via the seats of an airplane or an airport lounge these magazines are a fantastic carrier of your brand and it’s advertised message.

It’s Good. Really Good.


Some Interesting Facts about In-flight Magazines

  • An In-flight Magazine advertisement generates an overall 25% positive shift in intent to purchase.
  • 81% of the travellers read In-flight Magazines.
  • Readers spend average 30-40 minutes time on In-flight Magazines in a domestic flight.
  • 6 out 10 acts upon the information provided in In-flightMagazines.
  • 94% people feel that In-flight Magazine advertisements are more striking.
  • Sample surveys show approximately 77% of passengers remembers the brand after exiting the aircraft.
  • Captive audience who engage with the ad spend nearly 1-1.25 hrs on board the aircraft on an average Indian flight.
  • In-flight Magazines provides opportunity for a brand to stand out from the pack.

The Various Formats
Of Advertising

Full Page Color Advertisement

Cover Page Advertisement

Double Spread Advertisement

Half Page Advertisement

Quarter Page Advertisement

Reverse Gate Advertisement


3 Reasons to opt for
In Flight Magazines

  • Reasonable Cost
    The cost of In-flight Magazines is the lowest amongst other In-flight Media and also benefits with a minimal 5% GST.
  • Captive Audience
    In an aircraft with no in-flight entertainment, In-flight Magazines are the only source of entertainment.
  • High Brand Re-collect
    With frequent flyers flying multiple times in a month, the magazine boasts a repetitive readership. Hence creating a higher re-collect for your brand.

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