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In Flight Advertising

We have always strived to give our clients the most direct, exclusive and easy to recollect mediums for their marketing initiatives!

In-flight media is one of those mediums that boasts of the highest brand recollection by being one of the most direct and impossible-to-miss media available.Moreover, we are proud to have tied up with all the leading airlines of the country and internationally, giving you the option of promoting your brand to the ‘captive’ flyers at 35,000 feet.

Not only do we provide you with the best and the most visible advertisement mediums in an aircraft, we also have garnered substantial merit amongst our partnering airlines to assist you with customized branding options suiting your product’s purpose. For your brand to reach the skies, we never stop innovating!


The Different

Aircraft Exterior Wrap

Advertising on the aircraft exterior wrap is nothing short of having a flying billboard. It’s unique and innovative, gives a flamboyant appeal to your brand, and no other form of advertising comes close enough to capture the attention of your audience.

Seatback Devices

Seatback devices in single aisle aircrafts are placed right in front of every passenger behind their meal tray tables. There are numerous possibilities to display multiple creatives on each row as each seatback in a row is visible to all the threepassengers and is up close to the passenger throughout the passengers journey in the aircraft.

Meal Tray graphics Internal

Advertising on the inside panel of the meal trays is best for grabbing attention of the flyer mid-flight. Any media consumed during the course of a meal is deeply perceived and retained by the flyer. Meal trays are also used for stationary purposes and garner your brand an un-divided attention by making sure your advertisement is read multiple time through the course of the flight.

Meal Tray Graphics External

Branding on the outside of meal trays makes your advertisement visible to every passenger while the tray table is in its upright and locked position.It is visible to every passenger in the row as well as the passengers walking in and out of the aircraft using the aisle.

Over Head Bins

Covering the entire length of the cabin, overhead bins are the most distinct form of large media available in an aircraft. A large advertisement of your brand can be seen throughout the flight, regardless of what the passengers are doing. With an enormous real estate of the media, you can creatively create a storyboard and promote multiple features of your brand to engage the audience.!

Bulkhead Walls

These spaces offer uncluttered and large format media on the partitions walls of the cabin. Four walls are available for branding with two in the front of the cabin facing the rear and two in the rear facing forward. This media is best viewed by the front row, premium passengers (in the front) throughout the flight and all passengers while boarding and de-boarding an aircraft.

Skyline Panels

A more reasonable alternate to Overhead Compartments, Skyline Panels, visible throughout the length of the aircraft are placed strategically just below the cabin lights. This makes them perfect for backlit advertising irrespective of whether it’s a day flight or night. They have a lesser real estate than over-head compartments but are great for story boards with multiple creatives.

Headrest Covers

These are creatives printed on the covers of the headrest of every seat. Headrest cover space is a powerful way of advertising.Once passengers are seated, the message is right in front of them throughout the journey. The advertising is also quite evident right from boarding to de-boarding as the theme of your creative can affect the interiors of the aircraft by indulging the centre top of every seat.

Product Sampling

Engage your audience with your products with first-hand experiences. When airline passengers get a taste of your product, they are more likely to endorse it, consider buying it and share it on social media. Product sampling experiences lead to goodwill for the brand and provide an amazing recall value from its target audience what with the plethora of options available to explore.

Meal Tray Cards

Food! One of the most important aspects of flying! Every passenger on a full cost airline looks forward to that moment where they can savour a well longed meal post a tedious transit process from their home through to the airport and eventually to the aircraft. We make full use of this by placing a Business Card styled advertisement note on the meal tray. It will definitely catch attention though the course of the meal service! And if you add an incentive like and offer, it surely will be carried home!

Beverage Cups Branding

everage Cups are one of the most innovative forms of advertising in an aircraft! They are placed directly in the hands of the customer and there is a good visibility of your brand from the time the cup gets handed to the flyer, to the time it gets collected by the attendant.

In-flight Entertainment Systems

On international routes and long-distance flying, the In-flight Entertainment (IFE) screens on the seats are the most direct and un-avoidable mediums to advertise your brand.

Why in-flight

  • No traditional advertising media is able to achieve even half the un-aided recall of
    in-flight advertising.
  • Best medium to reach out to both the Business as well as the Leisure Travellers.
  • Higher dwell time allows for a greater depth of engagement with a captive audience, greater levels of recall, retention and higher levels of motivation and Brand empathy.
  • Reach captive customers of high net-worth.
  • A distraction free viewing of your ad is assured for a flight time of at least 1 – 5 hours.

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