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In-Film Branding

Want to place your brand or product on a movie, show or a web-series? We can do it for you!

The Branding Company has associated itself with leading Media houses, producers and distributors of content across the country for giving you the option of placing your brandin domestic and international entertainment products. Whether it’s the big budget films or the small budget flicks, brands are increasingly running the box office race, riding on Bollywood’s popularity to reach out to their target audience.

And with our expertise your brand can be there too; right at the top! Indians are emotionally and psychologically driven by the biggest domestic entertainment industry in the world (Bollywood). We as a country are a major consumer of content and adding the Star power of A-list actors takes it to a whole new level. We leverage the hype around these entertainment movies or shows to make sure your brand is placed right where the highest visibility is.

What better way for companies to sell their products than showing the hero and heroine using them?


The 2 ways of

  • Brands typically do promotional associations where they get to use content characters or clippings to run their own advertisement which in turn helps movies and other entertainment products to get publicity and save on the marketing budgets.
  • The other way is for brands to intrinsically embed into the movie scripts for strategic placement in the content.

Why In-film

  • Products and services are perceived to have a high Brand value.
  • There is a celebrity halo effect.
  • Product Placement can make a lesser known brand SKY-ROCKET!
  • It can get the audience to associate the product with a certain lifestyle.
  • Brands Can Form a Symbiotic Relationship With Movie Production Companies aka cross promotion.
  • The audience cannot ignore the product without missing the plot.

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