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Campaign Design

You’re more than just a brand. You’re a personality, a vision, a lifestyle and we want to tell your story. By partnering with The Branding Company, you won’t get a typical creative agency. You’ll get a close-knit team of designers, writers and managers who dive deep.

Whether you need digital campaigns, campaign designs for our hand-picked mediums, experiential events, packaging and POS, or a simple deck on your next big strategy, our team is dedicated to bringing your story to your people. To forming a connection. To making darn sure you stand out as what you are – more than just a brand.

The Process

The Brief

We like to ask questions, without answers there is no understanding. It is rooted in our DNA to trouble you for every bit of binary we can get on your brand or product, the pricing, Target Group, Geography and most importantly the media. Even if the media isn’t sourced through us, we like to give you the most relevant solutions streamlined to the channel of communication.


Once we have all the information and we have understood the ‘subject’ as if it’s our own, we go about doing our business. Post hours of brain storming, mock simulations and research data compilations, we conclude the best concept idea for the advertisement campaign and pitch it to you. Trust us, some ideas we discard are the best for our competitors. We like to notch it up a bit.

Production and Execution

Post approval and finalization on the campaign idea, in case you are buying your marketing media from us, we start our sourcing process. Giving you the most lavish media options and the most market competitive cost. We do the A to Z to campaign execution. All you need to do is read our reports on Execution and ROI generations.

Why give US a try?

Creativity and Innovation are at the core of The Branding Company. We buy the best media at the best rates and we sure do know the best means to make the most of that medium. You let us know the message and we design the best possible way through the best possible means to get it across to your select target audience. And there is no body who understands the TG of our mediums better than us. We give your Message the look that it needs.

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