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Airport Advertising

An environment like no other, the airport is a place where people are positive, excited, receptive, and where advertising is part of the journey.

The Branding Company brings to you an opportunity to advertise in the most prime properties at some of the busiest airports in India. With the majority of air travellers arriving more than an hour before boarding and 88% walking the concourse, the airport offers plenty of advertising opportunities to a captive audience.

Our in -depth understanding of transit passengers helps us in guiding you through all the touchpoints of a passenger’s journey, such as check-in, departure gates, the arrivals hall, as well as exterior locations such as car parks, which will help you to understand exactly what a traveller sees when they’re moving through the airport and plan the strategic placement of your brand accordingly.

We are currently servicing the airports at Mumbai. Delhi. Bengaluru. Kolkata. Hyderabad.

The Different

Static Media

Choose from a comprehensive deck of packages to reach out to arriving and/or departing passengers within and in the vicinity of the airport.Choose from large size impactful media to high frequency LED mediato suit your brand communications.

Dynamic Media

Your brand can target the arriving travellers withdigital screens and video walls placed at strategic locations in the arrivals like the baggage belt area, offering high dwell time to communicate your message to the receptive target audience..

Sponsorship Options

Sponsored areas at partnering airports provide advertisers a unique opportunity to immerse consumers in a 360° brand experience. Located in high dwell time areas, travellers are more inclined to connect with a brand in a deluxe, relaxed ambience.
E.g. Entertainment Zones, Mobile Charging Points, Internet Workstations, Aerobridges, Baby-care Rooms and so on.

Experiential Media

Located at strategic areas with high dwell time within the terminal, such as the security holding and boarding areas, your brand gets the mind space of receptive travellers more than any other media, to promote your offerings.
Be it product display or a sampling activity, these experiential zones offer the best brand awareness and lead generation opportunities for your brand.


If you want your brand to look unique and break out of the clutter, our highly creative team helps you put across a message that is not avoidable!

Airport Advertising:

The 10 Reasons Why it Works!

It taps into receptive and excited passengers.

Airport passengers are an alert, excited and receptive audience within a captive setting. The nature of the travel activity means that they are also in a positive mindset, which means that brands at the airport have a chance to reach a high concentration of people who welcome messaging and pay extra attention to it compared to in their everyday lives.

It delivers an affluent audience with minimal wastage.

Airport passengers are people who invest in travel, people who often internationally. These consumers are affluent and they see shopping as part of the travel experience. When at the airport they are ready to spend and often plan to buy things duty-free or things that are otherwise unavailable in high-street stores – products that are often on the higher price scale like electronics or luxury products.

It reaches key influential decision makers in ‘business mode’.

The airport is a place filled with high-flying (literally) professionals on their way to and from business meetings. They are focused on recent or upcoming business events and are inevitably tuned into messaging that reflects their mindset and ideas at the time.

It uses the unique airport context to add ‘perceived brand value’.

People often associate the airport with a high-flying lifestyle and therefore the brands that advertise in this environment, which is also often filled with luxury retailers, add to the impression of prestige and premium quality of the product.

It connects with alert consumers in a unique environment and receptive mindset.

The airport environment breaks people away from their daily routines. The prospect of travel puts them into an excited alert state. The combined effect is that airport passengers both welcome brand messaging and process it with higher recall.

It provides a welcome unavoidable distraction to a captive audience.

In the captive airport environment, passengers can often wonder the same spots and spend some time waiting. They will often perceive unique and eye-catching airport advertising as entertainment and will expect to see relevant messaging.

It engages passengers during long dwell times.

At the airport, brands have an opportunity to engage with people who in any other setting would often be too distracted with their daily tasks and routines. But being in a captive setting for long periods of time, gives brands a chance to communicate and tell stories that they would otherwise not have enough time for.

It is proven to drive sales in airport retailers.

Two of the key attributes that benefit brand messaging at the airport is that ads speak to consumers who are ready to spend, and they offer the convenience of making the purchase right there and then (and often discounted too!).

It is displayed on sites that complement passenger mindsets and ad budgets.

Airport’s premium image is reinforced by top of the line OOH furniture and its digital capabilities. Unrestricted, brands can create custom eye-catching executions with unmissable messaging and flawless delivery that complements consumers’ high expectations and their shopping behaviour within this high-value environment.

It is viewed by a desirable audience predicted to grow significantly.

The airport audience is set to grow as the world becomes increasingly globalised, air travel improves and becomes more accessible and as people begin to reposition life experience in their list of priorities.

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